Proposed ''House'' and advanced learning center...
.    For your perusal is the culmination of years of hard work,
research, perseverance and determination.
.    My sights were set on making people happy and saving a river
and a bit of Nature for the future. Many were not willing to listen!
.    Salmon runs, animals, flora, fauna, and children again pay the
price for our failure to preserve and utilize America more wisely.   
 Ajijic, Lago de Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico. ca 1958
 Teanaway River Rock
 Francois Peron DIT Lorrain
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 Eariest known Coat of Arms...
 My friend along the river...
(No explanation necessary!)
A Scrapbook of Life
 Tonight, for your dining pleasure...
 I am the greatest...
 It wouldn't be make-believe...
 A view down from the east tower
(At Palo Alto)
 Browns Point Light House, Commencement Bay,                                  Tacoma, WA.
 Sometimes we run too fast...
(short videos)
 An adventure in Italy... (click here)
Feel free to look 'round, but please, leave everything
as you found it so others may enjoy it, too.  Thank you.
 Madison J. Lorraine, 1924, the voyager at age 67
Francois Peron DIT Lorrain (my fourth great uncle), explored Western Australia
in 1801-1803 and narrowly escaped with his life.
 Cape Peron, W.A. Home Page...
 An interesting path once traveled
I find history, as well as every day ''life'' quite interesting.
Here you will find a life, entwined with many other lives!
Mostly wonderful...some not so wonderful.
You never know what you may find here or what you may see,
so please, browse and enjoy...some recipe's down below.
 MVF Kalakala (Queen of Puget Sound)
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Arctic char
 1958 MGA Coupe
The Teanaway River Biosphere Rock Cairn !
The Teanaway River Biosphere Rock Cairn !
 A Returning Salmon
 The forest, the trees and a river...
 Teanaway River Rock
 They Arrived From The Four Directions
Lauro Resurgo...
.        ''I rise again...''
 Woman in Sampan, Hong Kong Harbor
 I miss you too...stay well...stay happy...
 A Norsman like the one my dad was ''bumped'' off of in 1945...Glenn Miller was not so fortunate!
.   It began with this rock cairn along the banks of the Teanaway river. ca 1996
.   The story of a fascinating trip down the Columbia River
in the 1920's by a distant relative of mine.
I would like to do something like this one day!
.                                                This is the ''TIMELINE'' of the Pacific Northwest.  

.   The Pacific Northwest was once a place without time or people. It is about
ancients who somehow arrived here and lived from time immemorial.
.   It is about people who arrived later from ''The Four Directions'' and
claimed everything for King and country or helped advance the expansion
of Britain, Spain, France, Russia, the United States, business, trade, or
.    The Pacific Northwest is a place steeped in history and diverse cultures.
A place I call ''home''.

.    Read and you will be amazed! Is it global warming or just a continual
change in climate? Or people? Either way,  the ''truth'' is inconvenient!
.    A film library where you could find an array of archival and home
movies from all over the world with narratives or simply put to
background music of the period.
These films are no longer available for purchase.
.    I apologize for this, but the Project is no longer able to supply
these wonderful films!
.    The Teanaway River Biosphere Project lasted eight years. Eight hard years, and actually began for me in
Ajijic (ah-he-HEEK), Mexico, in the mid 1950's, while I was only a boy and we lived on the shores of Lago de
Chapala in the State of Jalisco, near Guadalajara.
.    This project was for the betterment of not only Washington State, but for the United States of America
and for people all over the world. Politics, money-grubbing, lies and deceit, played factors in the demise of
the Project, but I only blame myself for placing trust in people who were untrustworthy or refused to be
educated because they are stubborn and afraid of ''change'' around them.
.    In my travels around Europe, from Scotland in the north, through most other European counties by train
or automobile (so I wouldn't miss anything) and down to Italy. Across North America, the States and Mexico
and far afield to the Orient. I have met some wonderful people and seen marvelous things that I would like
to see again. I have good friends I have known for over forty years. Some I have only just met!
.    The Project is no longer accepting donations, nor is it accepting threats from those who chose to try
and intimidate Project personnel into running away and hiding.
.    Vehicles were ''targeted'' by individuals I knew and trusted (at one time) and that is a mistake I shall
never make again! Broken windshields, smashed windows and sun-roofs, slashed tires, threats of arson
and bodily harm. Domestic ''terrorism'' carried out by retired United States military personnel that I knew for
years and refused to suspect. Even though I knew something was not quite right with these individuals.
Truly cowards who could not face me, but rather tried to undermine the Project with lies and
deceit.                   Power-hungry people with small minds and insecure personalities! People who are truly
not worthy of any respect what-soever, but would still pretend to be a friend!
.    A small percentage of people who make everyone else look bad, too. Very unfortunate and very unfair!
As scary as that may sound to you, look closely at those around you. They may not actually be the type of
person you can trust, because small minds become jealous of those who try to succeed and improve this
world. They will do whatever they can think of to try to discredit you while ''fluffing up'' their own ''feathers''
and their ego's!
.    The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (U.N.E.S.C.O.) in Paris, France, as
well as The United States Man and the Biosphere Program (USMAB) in Washington, DC, were among those
trusted. I had no choice at the time. State and Federal agencies, not to mention several environmental
protection agencies and non-profit organizations, would tell me all sorts of things to make me believe that
they would help me and the Project succeed. Having said that...some did try to help. They could not,
though, and I wish those people who tried to help good fortune and I thank them for their efforts.
.    The basic truth was that unless there was an inordinate amount of money available to these agencies or
organizations, there would be no ''help'' forthcoming, what-so-ever, for the advancement of the Project.
.    Next time you are poised to donate to or vote for ANYBODY...please remember these words!
 My freind, Ella
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  Jude and siblings
 The Raven (click me)
 Albert Beau Jangles napping in the sun
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Steve Massey
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(ca 1930's)
(The First Narrows Bridge-
(Castle und Alte Brucke)
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The Raven
The old farm
(Eventful history of a young America)